Bluetooth Headset BH 101 - Charge the battery

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Charge the battery

Before charging the battery, carefully
read “Battery information”.

1. Connect the charger to a wall


2. Connect the charger cable to the

charger connector (10). The
indicator light is red during
charging. It may take a while
before charging starts. Charging
the battery fully may take up to 2

3. When the battery is fully charged,

the indicator light turns green.
Disconnect the charger from the
headset and the wall outlet.

The fully charged battery has power
for up to 8 hours of talk time or up to
180 hours of standby time. However,
the talk and standby times may vary
with different compatible Bluetooth
devices, usage settings, usage styles,
and environments.

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When battery power is low, the
headset beeps once every minute and
the red indicator light flashes slowly.